About Us

Cooking Simplified.

For 10 years, we've been creating custom spice blends and infused oils with one goal in mind. To foster a simple approach to cooking and to help people learn to create healthy, home cooked meals simply and easily. Cooking should never be complicated or stressful. Natural, organic flavors that come from using fresh spices, oils, herbs and seasonings are all that you need to feed your family the kind of honest, real food they deserve.

Fresh Spices and Herbs

You don't need to spend hours prepping recipes or parsing through a meal delivery box in order to cook healthy, delicious meals. Sometimes those approaches are not only time consuming but overly complicated and expensive. That's why we created Flavor Tips - a collection of five steps or less instructions on how to use fresh spices and herbs to cook simple, healthy meals right away.


Our mission is to be a Champion for a return to healthy, home-cooked meals that are shared around a table with family and friends. To help create people achieve balance in their diet by learning to cook meals with simple, essential flavors that are easy to understand and simple to make.

Our Approach

Inspired by that notion of balance, what we try to do here is provide simple ways to help people introduce a more balanced diet into their lives that move past the salty and sweet focus that is the typical American diet. By using the freshest herbs and spices in easy to follow home-cooked recipes, it is easy to introduce that balance into your life and your cooking.